Justin & Selena Sitting In A Tree.. K I S S I… G? kissing, really?

What is going on between Justin Bieber and tennage star, Selena Gomez?

The new couple were reportedly found kissing during their vacation to the Caribbean islands over the weekend.
Do you think we are seeing an unfolding romance between the two young stars or are they simply just REALY good friends?

now take a look at this : this is the KISSING Part

Prince Bieber,  had even awarded Princess Gomez a diamond bracelet, which according to reports, has been the first diamond accessory anyone has presented her.

That alone proves that the biebster is super-ready to take their relationship to the next level.

After Justin Bieber and Selena’s kissing picture was released, Selena has been receiving several death threats on twitter..  With some fans urging others to “come on people, let them live their lives!”,

adding that when it comes to celebrity couples, the age difference is no factor and never has been one.  we just want Justin (well, and Selena) to be happy! together or apart, but happy!

What do you think? is this love or are they just friends enjoying each others company? was there a kiss? what’s next for the dynamic duo… and most importantly: is it Jusitena or Selustin?

Justin & Selena Sitting In A Tree.. K I S S I... G? kissing, really? picture
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17 Responses to “Justin & Selena Sitting In A Tree.. K I S S I… G? kissing, really?”

  1. Michelle says:

    Oh no! He’s not gonna be with me on valentine’s day! Now I HATE Selena Gomez!

  2. xyza says:

    i hate selena gomez for justin bieber….i like justin and jasmin v. together….
    love justin bieber!!!!

  3. Agne says:


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  4. molly:L says:

    well’ i supposssee we would all be jelous of theem’ but as long as hes happy,:L but i do wish he choosse a fan to be hes girlfriend,xx

  5. lillix says:

    i love jb and selena gomez im happy for them both congrats jelena

  6. Tajahley says:

    all u girls out there need 2 go somewhere cause justin is mine so bye and selena u r going DOWN 4 STEALING MY MAN justin will never go her again so bye selena u ingnate fagg

  7. madison says:

    guys be nice they are so cute together and she is very sweet to him and he loves her and if hes happy then im happy and so should the haters! plus when you hurt her feelings your also hurting justins just 10xs more!! :-( so be nice. thats his gf he loves her!!<3 think about if some1 was saying mean things bout your bf it would hurt you just as much as it would hurt him! and also think if one day they break up (that sould and hopfuly never will happen but mabey)he would never date some1 who hurt her because you would have hurt him 2!! SO BE NICE!!!!!!! and you guys no they are perfect for each other(they are so cute 2gether)!!!!

  8. chloe says:

    they are both sexy they should stay together they r great for each other but it is weird how JB was holing her BUTT but if that was me i would in joy and i bet she would ENJOY it

  9. elisea says:

    all these haters just leave them alone yall might like him just let them be them selfs if he liks her let him yall dont who cares just sop haten

  10. elisea says:

    he is in love with her and if yall hate her then thats like saying u hate justin she is apart of his life just deal with it and if u have a problem get a peace of paper and figer it out ok so the more u hate salena the more u hate justin yall might make him so mad that he might stop singing and all u haters i have i thing to say yall r pathetick

  11. MARCELA says:

    selena and jb dont look write with another girl yes BUT WITH SELENA NOO!ARE REALLY KINNIG ME THEY ARE DATTING

  12. MARCELA says:


  13. MARCELA says:


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