Justin Bieber’s solution to mothersday.

It was not something new to us all that Justin Bieber has a special place in his heart for his mother, like a good a son should. Mother’s day this year offered another opportunity to prove it.

We give flowers maybe a bit of chocolate together with a cared that says,”I love you. “Justin Bieber does it differently. He took his mother shopping at the grove Mall in los Angeles. It seems that when it comes to taste they are also not that different. As a young mother she enjoys the cloth of the stores like “ Forever 21” which should provide her with a outfit which is aimed for a bit younger public but still suitable for the young mother. Today it is hard for Justin Bieber to go shopping without creating a circus, we all know what happened in Australia and New Zealand, as there is at the moment the Bieber virus going around.

So it did not take long before people started taking photographs and asking for autographs Being not long ago on the other side of the fan spectrum, Justin Bieber like always gave the fans the time and was friendly to all Let this be an inspiration to all the young guns out there. You can be popular and be nice and respectful to your mother and people you do not know.

Let’s see how he will top this one next year.

Maybe a nice vacation as his mother is just like Justin himself being swept up in the Bieber mania.

interview with Justin and Pattie his mother when he was only 14

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