Justin Bieber Wises up: No Death Threats for Miley Cyrus.

Justin Bieber is aware that it is not the smartest thing for him to say that he has a girlfriend or show his interest in some girl.
Last time he made a simple remark and even when it was just a joke it resulted in death threats for Kim Kardashian.

Miley Cyrus was on the way to be another victim of Justin Bieber’s crazed fans but Justin set things straight when he was a guest on Ellen the other night.
When asked on the show Ellen if he had a girlfriend. Bieber replied “Not really. Like, I’m dating around, hanging out with girls, but not really dating.”
Ellen responded with “Like hanging around with Miley Cyrus?”

Justin now a bit smarter when knowing how to answer just commented that he likes to hang out with friends. Nothing special, like any other kid his age and no at this moment there is no one special.
Justin might just have saved Miley Cyrus from being cyber bullied and receiving death threats.

This is how you grow up.
When you are in the spot light anything you say can and will be used against you or the one you talked about.
Miley should be save after this ….for now.

Justin Bieber Wises up: No Death Threats for Miley Cyrus. picture

credit :Annie Petersen for image

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One Response to “Justin Bieber Wises up: No Death Threats for Miley Cyrus.”

  1. Michelle says:

    I don’t like Miley Cyrus! :( but she’s friends with Justin now, I should be nice to her more often. 😉

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