Justin Bieber records Karate Kid film’s theme tune.

Justin Bieber has ganged up with star Jaden Smith son of Will Smith and star of the next month to be released movie Karate Kid. Justin announced the clip he put on Youtube to his fans through his twitter page.

And like always when Bieber is reaching out to his fans, the masses reply. Many girls watched already this new released music clip creating a buzz in the social media sphere. The movie aims for the same demographics as the fans of Justin so it made sense to include this teen star in this production.

Justin Bieber’s first movie theme song.

Jaden Smith plays Dre Parker in the famous remake of the karate Kid movie from 1984. It becomes clear that Jaden inherited the musical talents from his father who before becoming a well-known movie star was first and foremost a musician. Jaden shows some dance moves and raps in the clip next to Justin Bieber.

Justin Bieber sends his 2.7 million followers on twitter a small sneak peek through an image of him and Jaden. 2 days after he released the song Smith “NEVER SAY NEVER”. Justin is clearly very excited to be part of this project and has as he called it found a new friend in Jaden or in Justin’s words” me and my lil bro J Smith…u excited?”

The movie is sure to make an impact, now more then ever with all the young fans waiting to see and hear their star.

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6 Responses to “Justin Bieber records Karate Kid film’s theme tune.”

  1. diamond says:

    JUSTIN BlEBER lololol wowowowwowowowowoowowowowowowwowowoowowowowowow

  2. diamond says:


  3. amrita gupta says:

    its my favourite song and u rock jb
    i have 1000 pics of urs
    and collecting more and i haveeven written a comic strip on u based on ur song lyrics and i really wanna show u they r gr8 and i’m really gonna buy ur 1’st book and ur nailpaints but only if they r available in india
    i wish they r and whatever people say i don’tcare u rock and will always

  4. Michelle says:

    OMB! Justin, you did it!:) you’re right! I’ll NEVER SAY NEVER!;) :) :)

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