Justin Bieber on Mothersday

What will Justin be doing on Mother’s day?

If someone becomes as famous and is traveling all over the world even at his age, there must be an amazing mother behind it.

One that helped him in the beginning to make the right choices and one that supported his desires to become the star he is today.

Well Justin has like 2 mothers, which explains a lot.

His real mom’s name is Pattie Lynn Mallette, and his step mom’s name is Erin Bieber.

Pattie has her own myspace page and facebook page .

He must at least write her one song for mothers day as they are very close. and she basicly helped him to get discovered as she helped him to put his videos on youtube.

And of course we all know what that lead to.

As her son is traveling the world the least we can do is send her a happy mothers day.

so send her your love and of course do not forget most importantly your own mother.

Justin Bieber on Mothersday picture

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