Justin Bieber not dead but alive and kicking, chill you’all!!

Like every star had to deal with now also Justin on his tender age of 16 had got the news of his passing. It had of course the wanted effect for those spreading this rumor putting us girls in a state of shock. But it is nothing further from the truth; Justin is kicking and singing, a better combination you will not find.

Many stars today have dies at least a few times in their lives according to some blogs and press releases. In this time and age where the likes of the vampires from twilight are running the show, it would not even be that surprising. Just this time they are really far of the mark.

Justin Bieber follows a long line of people rumored to be dead just to see the reaction.

If the person in subject was on drugs we would be able to understand.If he was drinking heavily it would also not be totally unimaginable.Same if he or she would fly her or his own plane. But a kid star that is sheltered by his mother and his personal staff whose main job is his safety is far fetched.

I know today we are being shocked more times then I care to remember by the death of stars that did not read the label on the medication bottle and therefor decided to down the entire stock leaving the world in shock by its loss. So it was to be expected that some blogger saw an opportunity to get some additional traffic claiming that Justin Bieber had some skate board accident or in his case was overrun by thousands of us “beliebers”. But we know this is not true.

Justin will like all the great ones at least reach the magical celebrity age of 27

Justin Bieber not dead but alive and kicking, chill youall!! picture

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  1. all my friends love justin biebers, he is great !

  2. Behamin says:


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