Justin Bieber has to let his music speak for him.

Even thou Justin Bieber has touched and taken over the charts for less than a year many wonder what new song and which direction his music on his new record needs to take in order to keep the fans happy and loyal like the have been for the last 6 months.

After only 2 records already many people wonder what will happen with the next record Justin Bieber will release. It might still take a while but the producers in the music industry understand that you have to forge the metal while it is hot and Justin is lava hot.

Will Justin Bieber’s next record go into a different direction?

This would mean that on the next record I would expect to hear at least one duet with for example Miley Cyrus even Beyoncé. In addition his music will to mature by new writers, new songs and new partnerships. Most artists will find in this their challenge and sometimes the public or fans do not receive the change as a positive change. That said Justin is fully aware that part of his charm is his youth and he will not stay young forever. Same will count for his fans leading to the fact that this is his time to shine and put everything out there.

Therefor I do expect a new record or some new material relatively fast, especially if his new rival Greyson Michal Chance you-tube newest star who after his version of lady’s GaGa’s paparazzi and his appearances on the Ellen DeGeneres show became immensely popular almost overnight, does come out with a record in a few months. Justin Bieber ‘s response should and will be to release another record around the same time with the success that will send a message that he still is and will be for some time the kid to beat.

Justin Bieber has to let his music speak for him. picture

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26 Responses to “Justin Bieber has to let his music speak for him.”

  1. I would like to setup a blog like this. Any chance you could email me the webmaster’s info?

  2. What is this all about: “Justin Bieber In jail!” Please tell me me that’s not true…….

  3. Keven Denty says:

    Justin Bieber Charged! Please tell me me that’s far from the truth…….

  4. Game Videos says:

    I’m a huge Justin fan. I’d like to use some of this information on my blog if you don’t mind, and I’ll provide a link back to your site.

  5. all my friends love justin biebers, he is great !

  6. Justin4evah says:

    hi u r so hot i no i sound like the rest of the girls but i hate uggs and i dont have big sunnies!

  7. Justin Bieber Imprisoned! Tell me that’s far from the truth…….

  8. Titus Forner says:

    Hey, that Bieber |really is cool. My kids and I went to his concert the other day. Bieber’s music was super cool. He played most of his hits.

  9. i love justin’s music!

  10. I have a thing about you Justin Bieber!

  11. Jackie West says:

    I worship you Justin Bieber!

  12. rofl I adore Justin Bieber. Even though a ton of people hate him, it will not stop me from being a super fan of his.

  13. Szervec says:

    justin is my favorite boy ever

  14. leigh says:

    hey is justins attitude nice or what?!?!?!

  15. free makeup says:

    Gaga is childish in my view

  16. another belieber says:

    okk who ever that gryson kid is he will NEVER be as good as justin biber and hee needs to get that through his head….BIEBER FEVER 4 LIFE

    ————— another belieber

  17. another belieber says:

    ook if justin bieber got charged an is “in jail” then why was i at his concert 9/5/10 ???…exactly

  18. gizem says:


  19. She’s sooooo my homie OMGawsh!

  20. How enticing she’s so beautiful

  21. Wow, nice. he is very talented. Can’t wait for the DVD of his movie!
    Almost ofcourse it will go in a different direction, all artists do.

  22. mahsa says:

    justin i come from iran,i love you very much,kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiss.bye my love pleas love me

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