Justin Bieber has a love hate relation with Twitter.

Justin Bieber has been in shock with the latest development.

Twitter changed it algorithm which decides what is trendy and what is not.

This worked in have favor for the last month as she was the main trend for over 2 weeks.

And now all of a sudden he is out.

Bieber wants to know what happened because it is not that people stopped following his twitter or that he has lost any of his popularity.

True, there is a new kid on the block that runs around with the name Greyson Michael Chance from Edmond, Oklahoma’s, this sixth grader is now the big star on YouTube.

But Greyson Michael Chance has no records sold or even recorded so Justin is still way ahead.

But if this is a sign on what is to come, Justin Bieber better come with his third record soon to make sure that he does not lose any of his fun base to this latest rival.

On the other hand, since when can these young teen age fans only follow 1 star? There must be more than enough to go around for the both of them.

Justin Bieber has a love hate relation with Twitter. picture

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