Justin Bieber excuses himself and explains the ‘German’ incident

Justin Bieber excuses himself and explains the ‘German’ incident.
The Teenage star Justin Bieber has taken to his Twitter page to explain just exactly what caused him to be baffled by a question during last weeks interview on television in New Zealand
We all remember the incident as it was widely written about . it concerned the meaning of the word ‘German.’ Justin Bieber believed he had to explain himself through his twitter account about this matter in order to defend himself.
Many peopleĀ  accused him of not being well educated for not knowing the meaning of the word

The 16-year-old was participating in an interview with a New Zealand television station when he blundered across the word “German,” stating, “We do not say that in U.S.A..” Naturally, a lot media addressed him for his lack of knowledge.
“Because I believed this interviewer in New Zealnd said ‘Jewman’ rather than ‘German’ everybody thinks I don’t know what German is?” Justin Tweeted, referring to his interviewer’s heavy accent.

During the interview he was asked, “Bieber — sorry — is German for ‘basketball,’ true or false?” And also showed Justin his card with the notes written on them the moment Justin looked confused.

Although people do tend to make mistakes, the card was shown to you and you should have understood what he was talking about so how can you say you believed it was ‘Jewman’ when it distinctly readĀ  ‘German’ on the card?
I hope for Justin this is the end of it. as we all know he will be returning to school soon. He will for sure pay better attention from now on.

Justin Bieber excuses himself and explains the German incident picture

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