Justin Bieber bags Paps for privacy in the Holy Land

The teen sensation Justin Bieber, is on his Never Say Never world tour. He is in Israel this week and has been trying to see the most that the Holy Land has to offer, but there are some things that can ruin such an amazing experience. As we all know by now, Justin cannot go anywhere in public without being harassed by paparazzi or teenage girls– even in the Holy Land!

He is getting used to it, but lately it’s been getting on his nerves, such as the time he was out with soon  to be his Ex-girlfriend , Selena Gomez, and he gave a finger to the paparazzi, which he later apologized for. But this time is different, because he was in Israel taking in the Holy sites. Justin’s spiritual experience was ruined by the paparazzi following him and photographing him in places of prayer, something that he is taking very seriously.

On Tuesday, he twitted to call out the paparazzi for trying to take photos of him while he was in Israel taking in the sights. “Staying in the hotel for the rest of the week u happy?” he wrote. “People wait their whole lives for opportunities like this, why would they want to take that experience away from someone. They should be ashamed of themselves. Take pictures of me eating but not in a place of prayer, ridiculous.”

He was particularly upset that photographers didn’t leave him alone while he visited sites of spiritual significance. “You would think paparazzi would have some respect in holy places,” he twitted again. “All I wanted was the chance to walk where Jesus did here in Israel.” Just one day before, Bieber tweeted about his excitement over being in Israel. “Just amazing place, not a bad day. Just wish got a little more space and privacy from the paps to enjoy this time with my family. Thanks,” he wrote. “I’m in the holy land and i am grateful for that. I just want to have the same personal experience that others have here.”

Bieber’s post then helped initiate his latest Twitter trend, #papsleavebiebsalone. Other Bieber-related trends included #cheerupjustin and Holy Land.

Justin Bieber bags Paps for privacy in the Holy Land picture!Justin Bieber bags Paps for privacy in the Holy Land picture


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4 Responses to “Justin Bieber bags Paps for privacy in the Holy Land”

  1. aejay says:

    need respect..!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. star kreb says:

    i like justin,dont get me wrong but i liked him before he became famous.now i think the popularity is goin to his head.i hope he keeps singin always and forever, i just hope he comes back to earth every now and then to say hi to the ppl who actualey like him for who he is and not for wat he does.


    star kreb

  3. jayant says:


  4. Angel Hope says:

    OMG ! have some RESPECT yeah he’s famous but wowzers we all need time to our self especialy when having a chance to go to the holy lands people need to understand justin needs a personal life to him self
    love you justin , xx

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