Justin bieber and Greyson chance, why can’t we be friends?

With reports of Greyson chance twitter account being the hot trend now, and Justin apparently not taking it well we are thinking this whole situation is avoidable!
after all we’re talking about two very talented guys here.. but this is not unheard of! (Micheal Jackson anyone?) and we’re sure there’s enough pressure being emerging teen idols,
so in that spirit let us ask – can’t we all just get along ;-)?

Justin bieber and Greyson chance, why cant we be friends? picture

justin bieber and greyson chance

We can dream, can’t we? let us know what you think.. a feud is a must – or the world is big enough for two pop sensations? peace;)

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3 Responses to “Justin bieber and Greyson chance, why can’t we be friends?”

  1. Lisa says:

    There shouldnt be a rivalry, they have different styles 😛

  2. Michelle says:

    I saw a video backstage at the VMAs, Justin met Greyson and they became friends with no fights! Awwwwwww! :);)

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