Greyson Michael Chance- paparazzi, (does Justin Bieber have new competition?)

Does Justin Bieber have new competition? (update: more than 5 Million views in a day, hmmm…. yep, the kid is here to stay!)

Last month a new video has entered the viral world. Greyson Michael Chance’s cover of Lady Gaga’s paparazzi.. and we have to give it to the kid, a really great performance there!

It is the viral youtube video in which another 13 year old kid called Greyson Michael Chance is performing his version of the song” paparazzi”.You know the song, it belongs to lady Gaga. The performance starts with average Piano play, believe me, I know enough people to know that there are many more talented pianists out there also of the age of 13 years old. But then..

Then Greyson Michael Chance starts to sing and you cannot help but listen to the end of the song, and for many of us actually playing it again just to see if we got it right the first time. This kid has an amazing voice and good control. The performance is totally memorizing the girls that sit behind him. For those that think that the performance at the Edmond middle school Chorus performance night. Is a school where there are many more girls than boys, I have to disappoint you guys. What you see in the back of the viral movie is actually the choir that sits there and allows Greyson Michael chance his solo performance. You see the surprise and then somewhat milky eyes of the girls that see a new Justin Bieber being born right in front of their eyes.

But truth to be told, this kid will have a place in teen age stardom if taken up by one of the bigger producers. The over a million views of the movie should actually tell the record labels enough. No one will take the scepter from Justin Bieber for the moment, he just has too much momentum and too much going for him to be threatened that easily. So in short Greyson Michael chance still has a long way to go and taking the same hairdo will not cut it, but nonetheless I will keep my eyes and ears open to see if we will hear more from this new talent.

Rest assured Justin.  I will stay faithfully yours


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3 Responses to “Greyson Michael Chance- paparazzi, (does Justin Bieber have new competition?)”

  1. Greyson fan says:

    Can Justin compete with talent?
    can bubblegum compete with steak?
    can beebar even handle competition ? or has he become too spoiled?

    kidding! justin is okay too i guess! NOT. well a little.

    Go Greyson, and don’t leave beiber a chance

  2. greyson lover says:

    Love ya greyson u r fantastic.steal justins job I know u can do it.hate ya justin watch greyson become a star!!!

  3. flower123 says:

    omg he is the same age as me! hahah love him!

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